So far this year, we’ve had an absolute ball photographing weddings! On the 9th May 2015, the nuptials of Marise and Brian proved no exception. Their glorious city celebration was hosted in London where it united two groups of guests from different spots on the globe: Marise’s friends and family hail from London, whilst Brian’s crew are Canadian!

Here’s the lowdown from Marise on how their romance started:

“After a failed attempt to arrange a holiday with a girlfriend of mine, my former room mate Alex Judd invited me out to Calgary for Stampede in July 2008.  I didn’t really want to go, as I have a rule about not visiting the same place twice (I’d been to Calgary for work in previous years), but Alex insisted that Stampede made Calgary a totally different city.  He was not wrong!  After a weekend of complete and utter alcohol fuelled mayhem we decided to actually visit the Stampede grounds and see the Rodeo on the Monday.  It was a fantastic afternoon in the outfield watching the bucking bronco’s, bull riding, barrel racing and especially the hilarious mutton-busting.

The crowd was rowdy, but in the last few moments the sun went in, and the rain poured down (unusual for a desert), and we decided to have one more drink under the bleachers before heading to a huge tent called Nashville North on the grounds for some more drinking, dancing and country music.  We headed over, and were in the line up (about an hour long), when half way through the noisy group of four guys behind us decided to start talking to us. Ben Harlton (a guest at our wedding), tapped me on the shoulder and said “have you met my friend Brian?”

Brian looked pretty pleased that I started talking to him, and because of the unbelievably loud cowboy shirt he was wearing I was able to locate him inside the tent and keep talking to him.  We talked and danced all night and the next day he asked if he could see me again.  

We went for dinner that Tuesday, lunch that Wednesday, where Brian asked if we could have a long-distance relationship, went out to Banff on the Thursday and Brian bought a flight to the UK to come and visit me in the September (he’d never left his home continent up until that point), went partying on the Friday, where Brian told me he loved me, and finally spent the day in the park on Saturday before a massively tearful goodbye at the airport on Saturday evening.  Brian asked me to move back to Canada and I promised him that I would before the end of the year.  

We had a two-week holiday together that September in London and Paris, and in the December 2008 I kept my promise, moving to Calgary.  I can’t decide if my family’s lack of concern was due to them thinking I’d be home soon, or if they were just super supportive!  We adopted two cats in 2009, got engaged in 2013 on a trip to Los Angeles, and married quietly in Calgary in April 2015, and then again – with much fanfare – in London on May 9, 2015.”

So there you have it! Romantic eh?!

Marise was born and raised in London and the couple thought that hosting a wedding here in the capital would prove a great opportunity for them to introduce London to their Canadian friends and family from across the pond.

The theme for the day was the colour green. The invites, flowers, wedding ties, socks, hankies, shoelaces, and cake were all shades of green. Brian wanted to have something Calgarian about the day and he chose huge Western style belt buckles for the boys in his wedding party.

The couple chose the traditional Ironmongers Hall, partly because it’s breathtakingly beautiful, but for practical reasons too.  Being 4,500 miles away and organising a wedding meant that Marise had to be comfortable with the people who were hosting it, and she has known manager Ed Bolling for ten years since they had originally worked together. Brian chose The Oyster Shed on the Thames as the wedding reception venue, because it was so funky and eclectic. He’s also a huge seafood lover!  Marise visited The Oyster Shed when she was visiting the UK in February 2014, and just fell in love with it. The couple had never met Sarah May their event organiser until the Tuesday before the wedding – but felt that she was truly fantastic to work with!

Style wise – this wedding oozed sophistication.

Marise tells us that the 1940’s style of the hair and make-up was created pretty much by accident! She had long thought that the wedding dress she would choose would be long-sleeved and loose fitting. The lovely Sylvain Agathine, a personal style consultant at Debenhams in Oxford Street, convinced her otherwise! Marise attributes her hair and make-up from watching too much Agent Carter! She’s always been a huge fan of the gorgeous red lips and amazing hair and the moment hair stylist Gurpal Bansal put her hair up, Marise knew that’s exactly what she wanted.

We loved photographing this wedding as there were so many gorgeous stylistic details to capture – plus fantastic London architecture which served as a backdrop to each and every element of Marise and Brian’s celebration. We witnessed two wonderful families coming together; the genuine warmth of this wedding was really wonderful to capture.

Here are the suppliers who made every element of these nuptials come together beautifully:

Bride’s dressDebenhams– Oxford Street, courtesy of Sylvain in the personal shopping department

Bride’s accessories – Necklace was from Swarovski, a large crystal that Brian had bought Marisa for their second Christmas together.  The earrings were platinum, diamond, and sapphire, and a gift from Marisa’s mum.

Bride’s shoes – Lola Ramona

Brian’s suit and shirt – Custom Tailors Toppers.  618 – 8 Ave SW, Calgary.  His shoes were John Fluevog with his own green laces(!) The belt buckles he bought for himself and the boys were Lammles.

Hair & Make-upGurpal Bansal .

Flower girl’s dresses – Next, with market-bought ribbons as sashes.  My mum made their headdresses and little bags – she’s super clever like that.  They had daisy and ivy silk flower headdresses with matching posy baskets with green and cream ribbons.

Wedding rings – Both Marisa and Brian’s rings were from Spence Diamonds. Brian’s is plain brushed platinum, and Marisa’s is platinum with a channel/river of diamonds to match her engagement ring, which was also made at at Spence, which is located in Calgary.

Wedding cake – An assortment of Lola’s cupcakes, in chocolate and vanilla with a mix-match of dark and light green frosting on both bases.

Flowers – Igloo Flowers. 3 big calla lilies, babiesbreath ivy, and white hydrangeas (pom pom variety) featured in Marisa’s bouquet.

Transport – Addison Lee.

Invitations / Newspaper table setting – All of the invites, wedding programs and table settings were designed and printed by Print Three, located in Calgary.

Wedding website –

Marise managed all the couple’s invites and responses online.  The wedding website she created included all sorts of information about the happy couple (including photos – which any guest could upload at any time), and gave people the option of responding to their wedding invites online. The happy couple agree that it would have just been too hard to try and do it all by post, given the international distances involved!

Entertainment –  James from Revolver Sounds, based in Whetstone, Barnet.

Hired items – Rentable table cloths (white) and napkins (all shades of green!) from

Ceremony VenueIronmongers Hall, Shaftesbury Place, Barbican, London EC2Y 8AA

Reception Venue – The Oyster Shed, 1 Angel Lane London EC4R 3AB

Officiates: Cynthia Green and Genevieve Wynter, Registrars from Islington & London City Register Office.

Photography – Rupa Photography